Licensing:  Alpine assists clients with licensing in a variety of ways, including assessing technology position, identifying new or broader fields of use, and taking the lead in marketing IP and negotiating license agreements.  We may also, in some cases, take on client licensing assignments on a contingency fee basis.

Strategic Partnering:  Alpine assists clients with strategic partnering by identifying and performing due diligence on potential partners, counseling clients regarding deal structure, and by assessing the impacts of partnering on overall corporate strategy and operations.

Venture Development: Alpine works closely with clients on the formation and spin-out of new start-up companies to commercialize technology.  Alpine may be a partner in the venture by taking equity in exchange for services, or through direct investing.  We also provide interim management until assembly of an appropriate management team is completed.

Acquisitions: For many small and mid-sized companies a merger or acquisition is the most likely and logical event which realizes value for a company’s shareholders. Alpine’s team has the experience and knowledge to advise your company on an appropriate strategy. Once we've agreed with you on a course of action, we take the steps to implement the plan and complete the transactions.